A recent research study by the Matt Crump Research Foundation™ found that there is a shortage of Matt Crump Content on the Internet. While instantly alarmed and appalled by these findings, I also felt motivated to fix the problem by creating a blog. At first I had a lot of questions like

  • What is a blog?
  • How do I literally even?
  • Am I blogging right now?

In order to answer these questions and ensure international fandom, I decided to enlist the help of Canada’s best psychologist, Dr. Lisa Batten (a.k.a., Lisa Bizzle). Together we plan on bringing you exciting content that had previously only existed in your wildest dreams. But, first, let me introduce us!

Matt Crump

I’m Matt Crump. I was born and raised in Texas and studied creative advertising at the University of Texas at Austin. After ten years of being a commercial art director, I began to experiment with photography, eventually inventing a style that I called #candyminimal. As the popularity of my photography grew, so did my desire to follow my heart and pursue my art full-time. In 2014, I left my job and officially dedicated myself to being a full-time artist. It’s been so much fun watching the #candyminimal movement rise and I’ve met some amazing people along the way. One of the perks of meeting so many fellow creatives is that you can recruit them into your empire indefinitely, like I’ve done with Lisa Bizzle. I suppose I’ll tell you about her now.

Lisa Bizzle

Lisa Bizzle was born and raised on the island of Newfoundland in Canada (it’s a real place, I checked). She has a PhD in psychology and worked in developmental research and pharmaceutical research for depression for nearly 10 years. She’s also a writer and won many awards. Did I mention she’s Canada’s best psychologist? In 2015 she left her career and gradually made the transition to full-time artist. I officially hired Lisa in 2016 and then added her as a full-time presidential advisor in 2017. While some people may accuse me of using her to get closer to Justin Trudeau, I also use her for her MMA fighting skills and Coffee Crisp bars.


Now that you’ve met the dream team, it’s time to let you know about all the exciting content we have in store for you here at mattcrump.com. For instance, FREEBIES! We are talking about wallpapers, giveaways, unsolicited life advice, and even free sociopolitical commentary about current events. We’re also bringing you fun and colorful travel guides, photo and social media tips, and colorful and quirky fashion! I’ll also be updating the shop with new prints every day.

Given that we have a full-time psychologist on staff, we’re also excited to deliver articles on topics such as mental health, creativity, and why does my neighbor Doreen insist on accidentally calling me “Pat” all the time?

You might be thinking to yourself right now, “Wow, that’s so much content, I wonder if there’s more?” Well, lucky you, there is more! Since we love our #candyminimal community with all of our hearts, we’ll also be doing features and interviews with influencers where we uncover answers to big questions like:

  • What was your favorite childhood cartoon?
  • Do you think we are living in a simulation?
  • When were you inducted into the Illuminati?

Check back here at mattcrump.com every day until the internet ceases to exist and we’ll keep the mattcrump.com content flowing freely in your life! I am so excited to begin this stage of my global takeover and cannot wait to see what the world looks like when we are all forced to wear unicorn masks on a daily basis. Thanks for reading and I look forward to growing together.