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How to smooth out ripples and clouds

by Matt Crump

Özge Çenberci, born in Turkey and living in Florida, creates pretty pastel seascapes with perfectly creamy smooth skies and water. These photos look like masterful long-exposure shots, but in fact, Özge employs a much simpler trick: the motion blur filter.

How to do it:

Today, Özge reveals the process in this step-by-step guide. You'll need Photoshop or an app like ArtStudio.

  1. Select the area you want to apply the effect, usually a cloudy sky or body of water. 
  2. Choose "Motion Blur" from the Filter menu.
  3. Set the angle to 0º and adjust the distance. Experiment with different pixel values to see which distance looks best for your photo.

When taking a #candyminimal photo, Özge asks herself the following questions to give her photography purpose:

  • Does the scene have clean lines and/or negative space in the background?
  • Is the light good enough to be able to edit the colors later on the phone or computer?
  • What is that I’m trying to really photograph? Is it the ocean or the patterns of light at the bottom of the ocean? Is it the waves themselves or the patterns the waves create? Is it the people in the ocean or the laziness of the summer heat, calm waters and people just floating in the ocean?

Photography by Özge Çenberci. Follow her on Instagram!

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