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Meet Sophie Loghman

by Matt Crump

Sophie Loghman's Instagram feed is full of colorfully fun adventures, pool floaties, and playful magic. Recently, Instagram selected one of her photos to grace its Explore page to promote the Teen Choice Awards. She also started the hashtag #happyhousedreams, which has become quite the collection of beautiful home exteriors. Oh, and she has like 40k followers, no big deal. I got to pick her brain, which (to nobody's surprise) was full of Lisa Frank unicorns.

Matt: What’s your favorite color and why? Rainbow isn’t an option.

Sophie: It’s no secret that pink is my favorite color in the whole world.

Matt: Pink is my favorite too!

Sophie: It’s funny because I grew up a tomboy but I have now reverted into a 5-year-old girly princess who is in love with all things pink. Pink is feminine. Pink is childish. Pink is joyful. One of my favorite quotes is “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” and I fully believe that my love for pink has helped me become wise enough to never grow up.

Matt: Your cute boo, @boodad6, makes an appearance in your feed every now and then. How does he inspire you?

Sophie: Life is sweeter with Michael around. He is most definitely my better half and my biggest fan. He’s the one I drag to all my colorful walls after I scope them out on Instagram; he’s the one that pulls over after I spot a #happyhousedreams from afar so I can snap a pic; he’s the one in the center of all my magical moments. <3

Matt: Awww. That's so cute it's disgusting. Anyway, what is it about pool floaties?

Sophie: It’s funny because I can't pinpoint the moment my pool floatie obsession began but...every time I step in my boyfriend’s backyard, I see the most colorful hues all in one place thanks to my pool floaties. You can’t see magical rainbow unicorns in real life—but you sure can see them at my pool! What’s better than that? He he.

Matt: Describe your dream house.

Sophie: A big Victorian house on a large piece of farmland is my ultimate dream! I want a white house with pink shutters and a pink door. I definitely want a fixer upper because I want to add my own flare. Home décor is so, so important to me so I want to have control over everything from the light fixtures to the door knobs to the fireplace mantle and everything else in between. I’ve also asked my boo Michael to have a pink dollhouse in the backyard for my craft station.
Matt: I need one of those. Speaking of crafting, all artists go through dry spells. What do you do when you feel uninspired to get yourself out of the funk?

Sophie: “Being creative makes you a weird little beast because everything seems so bloody interesting for some strange reason.” I consider myself a lucky one because I have yet to lose my childlike innocence that so many have lost. No one loses their innocence—it’s either taken from them or given away willingly. And I refuse to give my innocence up because it allows me to see the world in a unique light. However, I most definitely go through dry spells overy so often—especially when the sun is not shining.

Matt: Same.

Sophie: I turn to Instagram to get some color inspiration to help alleviate the lack of color in my life at [that] moment. That’s why I love Instagram so much—it’s a wonderful and inspiring community that I can always turn to for encouragement and motivation.

Matt: Literally same.

Sophie: I'm also a huge advocate of art therapy. I love painting chairs. Is that weird?

Matt: Yes.

Sophie: But it makes me happy each and every time a new chair is painted!

Matt: You do you, Sophie. What inspires you? In list-form please!


  • Traveling inspires me the most. I love discovering all the world’s pretty hidden gems through my travels. It’s a wonderful world at there. Make time to explore it.
  • Instagram! I find so much inspiration from the people I follow.
  • Highway 1 off the California coast! The coastline is so beautiful and it’s hard not to pull over every 5 minutes to capture some of nature’s beauty.
  • Bright colors.
  • Street art. I just went to London and that city has THE best street art! 
  • The sea and the ocean and the beach.
  • The fair.
  • Palm trees. 
  • My friends. I like to surround myself with bad-a$$ girl gang members who show unconditional support. It’s rare to find that these days—which makes me sad sometimes.

Matt: Where do you see the Sophie brand in 10 years?

Sophie: I draw inspiration from the people, places and things that I love. I also am constantly inspired by the people who follow my account and the amazing kindred spirits I meet on Instagram. I'm thankful for these connections I've made. 10 years from now, I see myself marketing for my own *fingers crossed* home décor store (my ultimate dream!) and hand-selecting items that bring happiness into peoples’ homes. I always want to continue to inspire and be inspired—and to inform like-minded people about the people, places and products that make all of this possible.

Go follow Sophie on Instagram at @sophlog.

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