Ten creative ways to get followers

These days, increasing your Instagram following can be especially challenging. While many users will rely on collaborations, hashtags, and fake Russian bots to amplify their presence, these methods don’t always turn up the desired results. Here are 10 brand-new ways to gain Instagram followers in 2018.

1. Pools

Pools are a great space for advertising because it’s difficult to refinish them, people swim in them, and water is mostly transparent. Therefore, it goes without saying that painting your Instagram handle at the bottom of a pool is a surefire way to earn yourself some followers!

In order to implement the pool method, spend your weekend canvassing neighborhoods to locate pools. Once you’ve mapped out the locations, head on over to your favorite hardware store to pick up a brightly colored oil-based paint, a paintbrush, and maybe a portable ladder. Hit up the pools one by one (preferably during the winter months, when most people drain their pools) and paint your instagram handle at the bottom of each pool. Come summertime, you’ll have a bunch of new traffic to your page all season long!

2. Create a Choir

Everyone loves promotional music, but most of us don’t have the time or patience to deal with international superstars Cardi B or Jewel. Take matters into your own hands and hire a choir. After all, it’s a well-known fact that people trust choirs (especially children’s choirs). You don’t even need to write new hit singles—just slightly alter existing music! You can even use this opportunity to create branded uniforms, and require every member of the choir to wear them.

Then, send your choir around town to perform at churches, Target stores, and sporting events with their newly edited music (“Hey Jude, don’t be a fool, follow @mattcrump on Instagram”), and rake in the new followers.

3. Sponsor a Sports Team

One thing that we can be sure of is that sports people love to cheer for things. Wouldn’t you love a sports person chanting your instagram handle? Then sponsor yourself a sports team! When you sponsor a team, you can pretty much name it whatever you want. Therefore, the “Trenton Tigers” could easily be renamed to “Follow @mattcrump on Instagram” or simply, “@mattcrump”. Sometimes, a sponsorship is as simple as providing the jerseys. You don’t even have to watch them play, just reap the rewards of new Instagram fans.

4. Tattoos

Tattoos are very visible way to get a message across. Whether that message is “I like butterflies on my lower back” or “I let my friend Steve practice tattooing on me,” it’s always an effective means to showcase your brand. That being said, an easy way to gain an Instagram following would be to tattoo your handle across your forehead. The font should optimize the blank space you have and be clear and simple. Not only will this give your handle the exposure it deserves, you’ll also likely end up in the media!

5. Run for Mayor

Most towns have a mayor. Nobody is sure exactly what a mayor does but we do know that anyone can run for it. You may have to research things like “how to run for mayor” or “what even is a mayor” but a weekend on Google should sum that up nicely for you. Once you’re finally successful and are elected mayor, immediately enforce a bylaw that makes everyone in the town follow you on Instagram. This will not only increase your following overnight, but you’ll receive engagement from many people seeking good favor with an elected official.

6. Create an International Incident

One thing consistent in media is that they love a good scandal between nations. There are a variety of scandals you can recreate or you may even be able to conjure up something new! Be creative. The point will be to create enough international turmoil that people will want to hear from you. Once your international incident has sufficiently made headlines it’s time for a press conference. During your press conference you will wear a shirt featuring your instagram handle and simply answer each question with the phrase “follow me on instagram”. Enjoy those new followers.

7. Carrier Pigeons

Everyone knows that pigeons love to carry notes. Unfortunately, pigeon carriers are no longer deemed an “effective” means of communication. On the bright side, this means that if you get a note from a pigeon, you will remember what it said! To utilize pigeon carriers for brand growth, simply train a group of pigeons to retrieve handwritten notes demanding the reader follow you on Instagram. Have the pigeons deliver these notes to various strangers around your area and watch that follower count grow. How did you hear about me? Pigeons.

8. Put-pocketing

You’ve heard of pickpocketing, well now it’s time you learn about put-pocketing. Put-pocketing means putting things in strangers’ pockets. Traditionally, this method has been used to slip people phone numbers, money, or Gushers®, but now it’s time to put-pocket some content. Print out your most fire selfie with your instagram handle written on the back, begin slipping it into strangers’ pockets and look out—your instagram account is about to blow up!

9. Pizza Shout-Out

The pizza shout-out requires a little more patience but you’ll find the results are worth it. Simply get a job as the pizza topper person at any pizza joint. Start off as a dedicated employee to earn your employers trust. Once you are free to independently top those pizzas it’s time to get to work! For each pizza use your ingredients at hand to write out a special message- your instagram handle! Nothing creates warmth in a person’s heart like a fresh pizza, so get ready for some adoring fans to come your way!

10. Squirrels

Most squirrels are unemployed. This is not because they lack motivation; on the contrary, squirrels are very hard workers. They merely lack most of the basic skills needed for even simple jobs. Therefore, the squirrel workforce is an untapped resource that you need to be using yesterday. Squirrels will do pretty much anything for peanuts, literally. To use them for your brand, simply spend countless hours in the forest gaining their trust with a supply of peanuts. After several months they will surely be trusting enough to sit in your hand. Now, print them tiny shirts with your instagram handle on it and every time someone sees that squirrel or posts it’s picture, it will be an easy peasy shout-out for your brand.

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